5 Movements for 11 Instrumentalists

for string quintet, harp, marimba, sop sax, bass clarinet, contra-bassoon, picollo tpt
circa 10 minutes

I: crotchet = 138 Bright, Gritty
II: crotchet = 120 Playful
III: crotchet = 40 Relaxed
IV: crotchet = 120 Dark, Cynical
V: crotchet = 138 Bright, Gritty

Movement one begins by throwing around lots of ideas, albeit thematically related, but presented in a way that makes the music disjointed and “bitty”. The second, third and fourth movements then focus on one aspect that is thrown up by the first movement, whether it be a texture, technique or melodic fragment. The final movement (almost a direct repeat of the first) acts as a “summing up”, perhaps suggesting a context the first movement could have been written in the first place.