Past Events

Nothing is Lost @ sound lab, September 3rd 2014, City Halls, Glasgow

Soundlines: After Ingold @ sound lab, June 11th 2014, Stevenson Hall @ The RCS, Glasgow

Glagow Tango Ball - Live Sound Engineering, April 3rd 2014, Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow

Plug - Live Sound Engineering, May 30th-April 2nd 2014, RCS, Glasgow

Shimmering @ sound lab, April 17th 2013, City Halls, Glasgow

Edit-Point @ sound lab, February 27th 2013, City Halls, Glasgow

Shortwave - Soundwave @ RCS electroacoustic event, February 11th 2013, AGOS Studio @ RCS, Glasgow

Shortwave - Soundwave @ From Tape to Type Def, January 31st-February 2nd 2013, Sheffield

Plug VI with Scottish Ensemble, April 24th 2012, Stevenson Hall @ The RCS, Glasgow

NoiseFloor Festival, May 2nd 2012, Staffordshire University Television Centre

Electroacoustic Event @ RCS, May 28th 2012, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

Edit-Point @ sound lab, June 15th 2012, City Halls, Glasgow

Sound Sight Space and Play @ De Montfort University, June 4th 2012, Leicester

Sonic-A, November 10th-18th, Tramway, Glasgow

IFIMPAC, December 12th-14th, Leeds College of Music, Leeds

Older events