For 6 trombones and a tuba

Friction is the force that resists motion in materials in contact. The piece explores many sounds and motions that act as a metaphor for various aspects surrounding friction such as a sense of kinetic energy and the resulting release of heat. In particular the piece references internal friction, the force resisting motion in solids which are undergoing deformation.

I imagine this process in the sliding trombone sounds which seem to push against some kind of imaginary sonic barrier. The materials become less and less stable as the musical atoms making up the piece distort and split up. Once separated the material reforms into new but related shapes. It is as though the new material shows us inside the original.

Friction is dedicated to Richard Greer and was composed as part of a cultural exchange between the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Paris Conservatoire and was be premiered by De Profundis in February in Paris. More information on the events page.

The first recording is from the premiere which was:

commissioned by Diaphonique, Franco-British Fund for Contemporary Music

De Profundis, trombone, tuba and percussion ensemble
Clément Carpentier, conducting

recorded at Saint-Louis des Invalides, Paris, February, 2. 2012
sound engineer : Alice Legros

The second recording was made by the RCS trombone ensemble during plug 2012.