Since I last updated my news page, and at the time I resolved to do so more often, I guess I have been busy. I still lecture at Edinburgh College, most of my teaching is MAX/msp based and helping students to create new work to the more experimental side of their practices. I also work at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in the recording studio. At the RCS I also tutor students who submit recorded performances (EPs or short recitals) and last year I taught one semester of the Live Electroacoustic Composition and Performance class whilst Alistair MacDonald embarked on a very productive sabbatical.

I suppose my lack of updates reflects that I felt I wasn't composing enough. Which was both true and not true. Since finishing my masters in 2012 I've composed a number of pieces, typically for a variety of forces (tape pieces, a piece for baroque ensemble, collaborations with poet Samuel Tongue and most of a piece for euphonium and electronics).

I've really enjoyed working with Sam and you can hear our pieces on the site (links on the front page). It has been a really engaging process, the discussions we have had have been relatively deep conceptually and engaging with another artist as equals on this level is probably a first for me. Often sound designs come last and it can very much be trying how to best fit with the other aspects but here Sam and I were both able to set the creative agenda.

Currently I am researching methods for recording mixed-media music (music for instruments an electronics). I am writing about this here. More information and sound examples should follow there very shortly.

I've got a number of projects coming up that I'm excited about:

Recording an album of trumpet and live electronics music with Tom Poulson.
Recording Matthew Whiteside's debut album of chamber music.
I recorded some lovely agate windchimes I bought in the spring and I have just started editing that recording probably for a new tape piece.

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