Edit-Point have been busy as usual with planning for further events. Coming up next is a concert with the Cameo Clarinet Quartet. The concert features special guest Alistair MacDonald in a celebration of his 50th birthday. We've chosen to present Busk, composed with Edit-Point member Nick Virgo, Kilim and Dreel. We chose these pieces as they all use recorded instrumental sounds. They also trace the development of Alistair's voice from the clearly structured Busk and Kilim through to the more organic, ambiguous Dreel. The concert also features a new work by Nick Virgo and a new work by myself for the Cameo Clarinet Quartet.

It is april, so that mean Plug is nearly upon the RCS. As usual Alistair MacDonald and I are coordinating the many and varied electroacoustic requirements. Most excitingly the Scottish Ensemble are performing Alistair's Mitaki for String Quintet and Live Electronics. Also in the that concert will be the first performance of J-Simon van der Walt's Black Rain (for string quintet and live electronics), Matthew Whiteside's (of edit-point fame) Ulation for viola and electronics and my new piece Shimmering. Shimmering is dedicated to my long suffering, better half Jenii Singerman. I hope she likes it!

Also in plug is the scottish premiere of my piece Friction. It will be conducted by BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Principal Trombonist, Simon Johnson. While I was a brass student I didn't have the opportunity to work with Simon so I'm really looking forward to hearing his take on the piece.

Other perofmrances of my work on the horizon include the Noisefloor Festival and Sound Sight Space and Play. I visited both conference/festivals last year and they were great. I'm looking forward to my pieces being played there again.


Plug has been and gone and I'd like to say congratulations to all performers and composers for some great playing and pieces. I'm burying myself in my studies till June now until I finish my masters portfolio.

I'd like to thank the RCS trombone ensemble with Lauren McCormick for a great performance of Friction I'd also like to thank Scottish Ensemble for a great electroacoustic concert, particularly their performance of Alistair MacDonald's Mitaki. I'd also like to personally thank Jonathan Morton for an unbelievable performance of Shimmering. I really couldn't have hoped for any better.