Towards the end of November we had another Edit-Point gig as part of sound lab. We were joined by the fabulous Gildas Quartet who performed Matthew Whiteside's new piece, a purely instrumental quartet by Alasdair Spratt and George Crumb's Black Angels. They played amazingly well and it was a real treat to have them all in Glasgow and spend the few days before the gig rehearsing with them.

Edit-Point have been meeting with Tom Dalzell and we're going to be performing two concerts as part of sound lab, one in March and one later in Autumn. We're also owing to be presenting two stand alone programmes in between these events. In the first of these on March 7th I'll be diffusing Postcards from Blast Beach which I collaborated on with Robert Cooper (a.k.a, Dad). It's a piece I always enjoy diffusing so I'm looking forward to this gig which will feature Audio-Visual Music.

I've just been putting the finishing touches to a piece for 6 trombones and a tuba for De Profundis from Paris Conservatoire. This piece has been written as part of a cultural exchange between Paris Conservatoire and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and I'm really looking forward to going across to Paris in February to hear the first performance. Upcoming projects include a piece for Cameo Clarinet Quartet, possibly a violin and live electronics piece for a rather incredible player (to be confirmed soon I hope) and a large scale tape piece.


The Sound of the Letters, the Voice of the Page has been selected for 2012 Sonorities festival of electroacoustic music. Below is a picture of my Dad writing the tile calligraphically (he provided some of the source material).