Happy New Year! Just a quick note advertising the RSAMD Academy Brass Concert next weel. I'm running sound assisted by edit-point member Matthew Whiteside in a programme including Tim Souster's seminal echoes for the ambtious line up of Brass Band and Live Electronics. Also in the programme is Javier Alvarez's Mambo as well as a piece by myself (tbc). It'll either be Kaktos or a new 4 channel version of Skate 'n' Shuttle/Roll and Smash. Hope to see plenty of people in the RSAMD concert hall, Thursday 20th @ 7:30pm. Tickets are £ 5.50 and £ 3.50.


I recently got back from the NoiseFloor festival at Staffordshire University. I diffused my tape piece Kaktos which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the venue and it was a great speaker array to diffuse onto, posing its own very distinct challenges.

On February 13th I'll be presenting a piece at Soundings... at Edinburgh University. I've attended Robert Dow's concerts for a while and always really enjoyed them so I'm excited to be having a piece in the weekend. The programme for February is amazing making it all the more exciting. Particularly looking forward to the invisiblEARts with Louise Rossiter gig and Pete Stollery's solo concert. My gig is @ the Reid Concert hall in Edinburgh, 7pm.


I recently recorded a set of songs for Glaswegian Singer/Songwriter Willie Singerman. He's released these songs here and is back from London to play a gig in Macsorleys (42 Jamaica St, Glasgow) on the 23rd of January, doors at 8 and it's free entry! Alex is a great musician and he's performing with his band The Heart Felt Hats.


Electric Brass seemed to be a success. For a start all of the electronics ran fineand the Brass players were excellent. It was good to diffuse in the Academy Concert Hall again, I sometimes take for granted that we have twoi excellent and very different venues at RSAMD for the presnetation of electroacoustic music. In the end I played Skate 'n' Shuttle/Roll and Smash and it seemed to be well recieved. In that space it seemed to sound more than stereo but I couldn't quite put my finger on what or why that was. It felt like a completely different piece and I'm still toying with the idea of remixing it.

Next up is Edinburgh which I'm really excited about as well as the New Music Expedition premiering Travelling Over Tricky Ground and then the debut concert of edit-point. We've confirmed one guest for the gig and have a possible second although the programme isn't completely finalised... Should be a great couple of months.