This week was the plug festival and I was lucky enough to have 3 new pieces performed and two pieces installed. On the Wednesday Douglas Nairne and George Duthie beautifully performed my lied Ich hab' im traum geweinet and then on the thursday I diffused The Sound of the Letters, the Voice of the Page following Helen Douthwaites amazing performance of Slipstream. I couldn't have asked for more from any of the performers and I hope to have recordings of all three online soon.

In the next couple of weeks Edit-Point are looking forward to our first performance at Soundings and our return to Sound Lab. The programmes are posted online and they're going to be really great concerts so I hope to see you there.

The New Music Expedition have scheduled there concert now and I'll let you know as soo as I do the final details. I'm really excited for the premiere of Travelling over Tricky Ground. This wil be around the same time as the Said Ensemble perform PIANO and violin just before I leave of Sound, Sight, Space and Play. Just writing it all down makes me feel really busy!


The past week or so I've had a couple of really great performances. On Sunday 22nd May Gordon Seith premiered Soliloquy II after a wait of 3 years! It was an incredible performance full of character and energy. Wedneday 1st June was Said Ensemble performing another less than recent piece, PIANO and violin. The group gave a great rendition reminding me of the fun in composing for instruments.

Next week I travel to Leicester where I am presenting Kaktos at Sound, Sight, Space and Play. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of electroacoustic composers and catching up with some friends. But the highlight perhaps will be getting to stay with Grannie Cooper and if I'm lucky meeting my cousin, Carrie's, new born boy, Koby. I'm taking a round about route home via Oxford where I'm going to record materials with Roxy for our new piece which will round off a great week.