I haven't updated my News since I completed my Masters and I'm sorry if anyone regularly visits (I doubt it)! Completing my degree was a relief. The two year Masters at the Royal Conseravtoire is incredibly demanding for composers. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my teacher, Alistair MacDonald. During my time at the RCS Alistair was much more than a teacher and I wouldn't be the musician that I am without his support (and occasional cajoling).

Recently I've started to compose again having taken some time away. I'm re-working Shortwave - Soundwave to make it a bit punchier structurally and in the mixing of parts. I've also started working on some new material for what will either become a second movement or simply a new piece. I didn't spend very long with the materials when I composed the original and I used about 5% of the sounds I made so I'm quite happy to continue working with these sounds.

Edit-Point are in the middle of trying to formalise our work. We are hoping to source funding for a 12 month programme. We are really proud of the programme we have devised and are really excited about about the potential collaborations with instrumentalists and vocalists we have planned.

I'm really pleased that I'm going to iFimpac at Leeds College of Music to present Shortwave - Soundwave. I've not been to a conference for a while and it will be nice to catch up with some friends and hear about what different composers and academics are up to in the field.

Recently I took a temporary lecturing post at Stevenson College Edinburgh where I am teaching Composition for Film and Television, Creative Music Technology and Composition. I am finding the teaching very rewarding. Other recent work has included recording Pure Brass (again!) and we're all very pleased with the result. It was fun to work for them again. Over the summer I also edited a set of books called Rhythm Reader by Clarinettist Kenneth McAllister which have recently been released.