Recording and Sound Engineering

I am an experienced recording engineer currently working at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. At the RCS I record an array of student projects. These range from simple, beautifully captured recordings of solo instruments to contemporary folk projects involving multi-tracking, detailed mixing and mastering.

I also provide location recordings for a variety of clients. These have included demo disks for groups and soloists including Scottish Opera Emerging Artist Miranda Sinani, Alba Brass, Pure Brass, Tom Poulson, Graeme Brown, Melinda Gourlay and James Willshire.

I have also recorded a piece for release on the RCS record label of the Stevenson Winds with BBC Trumpeter, Mark O'Keeffe.

In house equipment

I have a variety of high quality equipment and software for the recording of classical music on location. I am primarily a Pro Tools user and have a portable recording system that includes redundancy backup to ensure that every take is captured, even if the computer crashes. My portable system uses extremely clean focusrite preamps.

I have matched pairs of microphones from microtech gefell (M950s and M300s), supplemented by pairs of Rode mics. (Gefell is a lesser known German company started by audio equipment supremo Georg Neumann. Similar to the original Neumann microphones, these are some of the clearest I've heard and are perfect for classical recording.) This in house equipment produces absolutely excellent results for most recordings, but I hire further microphones whenever necessary.

A typical session

I offer clients as much or as little guidance as they would like. When required, I act as producer, ensuring that all parts of the music are "covered". As a trained musician I bring keen interpretative skills to these sessions.

During a session I keep a log of takes, "topping and tailing" them so that they are ready for you to take home with you on a CD or USB stick at the end of the session. I also mix "straight to stereo". Mixing down to stereo at the time means that the tracks you take away with you will be a great representation of the final sound. Crucially, keeping the multitrack files allows me the flexibility to go back and tweak any aspects of the mix that can be improved in the studio.

Current projects

I am currently researching methods for recording music for instruments and electronics. This includes producing a recording of my composition Fata Morgana with the Cameo Quartet and an album of trumpet and electronics music with Tom Poulson.

What are my charges?

I generally charge £26/h for set-up, recording, editing and mixing. If you want to work on a large scale project we can negotiate on whether a set fee or an hourly rate is fairer for both parties. There is no minimum fee and I will be happy to give you a written estimate of final costs, once we have discussed your project.