Ricercare for Brass Dectet

Ricercare for Brass Dectet was completed in January 2008. The title for the piece came when much of the piece had already been written. Having heard Jonathan Harvey's ...Ricercare una Melodia for Trumpet and Tape Delay in 2006 I was trying to find the title of that piece purely for interests sake and on finding it looked up the term Ricercare and realised it fit my piece perfectly.

The piece is cast in three main sections, each based on a different form of early counterpoint, beginning with fugal music followed by a section with a species counterpoint texture with my own harmonic and melodic language imposed onto the rhythmic frame. The piece is concluded by a hocket. Throughout the piece however a contrapuntal texture of my own interrupts the flow of the music and is itself interrupted by the other textures.

A Ricercare in the baroque period was a type of fantasia encompassing, fugal, canonic and imitative textures and all of these are in evidence throughout the piece from the fugal passages and canonic entries of the opening through the imitative writing in the second section to the final hocket encompassing each of these. Ricercare for Brass Dectet is dedicated to Rory Boyle.