The Sounding

The Sounding is a visually evocative meditation on the relationship between an ineffable divinity and the creation; a live art performance in which Jewish tradition, rite, ritual and folklore collide to create a complex interweaving of sensorial imagery made before the audience by a single performer.”

[Joshua Armstrong]

The sound design for this was made in 4 channels surrounding the the audience and the performer. The sound acts as a frame for the action within the space.

The Sounding was made as part of Theatre Cryptic's monthly series of events, Cryptic Nights. Thanks are due to Will Chadwick for assisting in recording the spoken material and also the the Garnet Hill Shul and in particular to Gerald and Richard Levin who organised for me to record their shofar in the wonderful acoustic there. Thanks also to Alistair MacDonald and the electroacoustic department of the RSAMD for lending equipment to Josh and I for the performances.

 the sounding set

Scene 1, the audience enters to the sound of whispering as the subject sits on the floor rocking back and forth.

Possesion scene, the sounds of whispering returns, here depicting the Dybuuk. A spirit which inhabits the subject before it is released at the end.