Travelling over Tricky Ground

A kind of landscape forms. This landscape seems to remain intact and constant; however the music inhabiting it is continually changing. These changes are sometimes abrupt but often are more transient and the landscape shifts or shimmers as the perspective changes. The depth of field alters as the image mutates: some sounds rush towards the listener; others disappear and populate the landscape, colouring it. The landscape becomes a frame for these shifts in dimension, like looking at a sculpture from many angles.

But as you move through the piece it seems to become more regular. In another context it might appear disjointed yet here it seems settled, stable even. A contrast is drawn between this tottering stability and the rickety, instability that precedes it.

You're getting there, but the landscape still seems the same. You look more closely and discover the landscape has been transformed as you were led through: the change is subtle, but you have in fact made the journey over that tricky ground.

n.b. Travelling Over Tricky Ground was written for the New Music Expedition at the request of Richard Greer.