…shadows that in darkness dwell

I’m currently working on a new work for early instruments and electronics. Based on John Dowland’s Seven Teares for viols and lute, which uses Dowland’s Pavane Lacrhymae – possibly Dowland’s most famous melody.

I’ve been aware of Dowland’s music since I played Jacob van Eyck’s elaboration upon the Pavane Lachrhymae from his Der Fluyten Lust-Hof (The Flute’s Garden of Delights). I enjoyed working on the piece as part of my recorder lessons when it became a second instrument but didn’t think much more about the melody.

Then in 2012 the National Centre for Early Music’s composition was to compose for viol consort. The opportunity to possibly hear my work played by Fretwork, one of the UKs leading early music groups, was really attractive and I composed a piece for six viols called …shadows that in darkness dwell which is a line from Dowland’s work. You can listen to this in the soundcloud link below. I always had the feeling that the material in the piece deserved to find a home in a much stronger piece.

I’ve been really lucky to recruit some fabulous players to work on this project and we’ve begun exploring material from my original piece and from Dowland’s work. I’m working with:

I’d like to thank them for agreeing to work with me. I plan to share parts of the process we go through here so do check back to see how we’re getting on.

Our work has been funder by the Hope Scott Trust.