Electroacoustic – works made in the studio with sounds I found intriguing. I like to explore delicate, intimate sounds and find ways to give these more significance and greater energy. I’ve enjoyed working with:

Cactus sounds in κάκτος

Racquet sports, skateboards and bmx bikes in Skate ‘n’ Shuttle/Roll and Smash

Quills, pens, pencils and a variety of other sounds in The Sound of the Letters, the Voice of the Page

The mysterious sounds of radio static in Shortwave-Soundwave and Longwave-Soundwave

Resonant stone, metal and bamboo sounds in Inner Resonance

Interactive Works – works exploring how sounds projected by loudspeakers can relate to live interaction and performance:

Concert work for violin and electonics Shimmering

Concert work for clarinet quartet and electronics Fata Morgana

An interactive installation exploring broken bike bits Mechanical

Concert work for tuba and electronics exploring the relationship between the tuba and multi-channel electronics Breathing Space

Instrumental Works – I used to write lots of instrumental music, but the studio has become the home for most of my work. This is a piece I still like though.

For trombones and a tuba – Friction

Collaborations – Working collaboratively is a major part of my practice. Have enjoyed working with so many brilliant people. These are three projects that I have created.

With Samuel Tongue

Soundlines: After Ingold

Nothing is Lost

With Laura Bissell

Tide Times