Tim recording at the South Gare_32

I am a composer and performer of electroacoustic music. My compositions reflect a love of performance born from my studies as a euphonium player and from playing with my parents radio set. This performance is reflected in the kinds of sounds I seek out and in the way that I use them both instrumentally and in the electroacoustic studio.

In 2015 I began lecturing at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where I teach music technology. Between 2012 and 2019 I also taught at Edinburgh College teaching composition and creative approaches to music technology.

In 2010 I co-founded Edit-Point, a group that dedicated themselves to the presentation and performance of electroacoustic music.

I am grateful for the financial support of the Ropner Trust, Dewar Arts Awards and Ms Christian Duff.

In my spare time I am a keen cyclist, often pedalling around the West of Scotland, and badminton player.

Current Projects:

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