Skate ‘n’ Shuttle/Roll and Smash

Skate ‘n’ Shuttle/Roll and Smash (2011) combines wheels and rackets within real and surreal environments. The music rolls and switches from moment to moment between gentle, playful, recognisable settings and volatile, unstable spaces with an explosive and erratic tendency.

This sonic world is perpetually in flux, and things aren’t always what they seem. The use of headphones helps create some uniquely active and dynamic effects, both spatially and perceptually. Sounds that inhabit the same space split away and turn around each other, some sounds disappear into the space, whilst others suddenly invade it. So there is a combination of reactive energy and spatial shaping. This energy is at first relaxed and playful, but is over-run by an unstable sense of trajectory and thrust.

A sense of play and proximity – even intimacy – are key themes in the work, and the sounds that help compose the piece are very personal. I recorded the skate park during one very enjoyable afternoon just after I had completed my undergraduate degree. The badminton and squash inputs were recorded with two of my closest friends, and the table tennis comes from a game with my Dad in the garage… Dad won!

Skate ‘n’ Shuttle/Roll and Smash is dedicated to Ms Christian Duff without whose support I would not have been able to pursue my Masters.