Soundlines: After Ingold

“…thus it is that the writer of today is no longer scribe but wordsmith, an author whose verbal assemblies are committed to paper by way of mechanical processes that bypass the work of the hand. In typing and printing, the intimate link between manual gesture and the inscriptive trace is broken. The author conveys feeling by his choice of words, not by the expressiveness of his lines.”

[Lines: A Brief History, Timothy Ingold]

This work was made with poet Samuel Tongue. In 2014 Sam and I were introduced by our fabulous and dearly missed mutual friend and poet, Sandy Hutcheson. Sandy asked us to make a collaborative work for the Sound Lab series curated by Tom Dalzell and this work was the result. The quote about become an important guide in making the work, linking it conceptually (and there are some sonic links as well) to The Sound of the Letters, the Voice of the Page.