Tide Times

Tide Times is a site-responsive work by Tim Cooper and Laura Bissell created on and for the island of Cramond, a tidal island situated in the Firth of Forth on the east coast of Scotland. We visited Cramond Island five times between April and August in 2018. This work is an invitation to explore your surroundings, discovering more about this island than perhaps you would on an ordinary visit.

Tide Times is a playful piece that asks you to hunt for the many treasures this island contains, including ones that we have left for you to find. We hope that you will look, listen, smell, touch.


About Laura:

“I am a Lecturer in Contemporary Performance Practice BA (Hons.) and Lecturer in Research at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I am also a visiting lecturer on the MRes in Creative Practices programme at Glasgow School of Art and have taught on the Transart Institute MFA in Berlin. My research interests include: contemporary performance practices; technology and performance; feminist performance; ecology and performance; and performance and journeys and I have presented my research on contemporary practices at conferences nationally and internationally.

My research has been published in the International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media, The Body, Space Technology Journal, Studies in Theatre and Performance, The Scottish Journal of Performance and Contemporary Theatre Review.

I am a performance-researcher, writer and poet and am currently working on a range of creative projects exploring the sea in performance. More information can be found here: https://theseatheseathesea.wordpress.com/”


The following videos are documentation from two sharings we organised in August and September 2018. The videos are not works in and of themselves but share a sense of the playful and interactive nature of the work: