Shortwave-Soundwave and Longwave-Soundwave

Shortwave – Soundwave (2012) and Longwave – Soundwave (2013) reflect a love I had for playing with radios when I was younger. I remember enjoying the sounds between the channels more than the programmes. The radio like sounds in the pieces became a frame for me to take that love further by pushing them to their limit creating a far wider palette than I had as a child. With that palette I have retained the playfulness I used to twist the dial and move the aerial with and then painted on a far grander canvas than I could have imagined at that age.

The title is also a passing reference to the 1980’s cartoon series Transformers. Soundwave is a character for the bad guys (the Decepticons) whose role is reconnaissance. He often transforms into radio like contraptions in order to communicate with the other Decepticons or spy on the good guys (Autobots) conversations.